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Wednesday February 10th

This project would be the second phase in Oregon City’s Main Street Connective Corridor Project. The first phase Main Street: 5th Street to 10th Street was completed in 2012. That project included new curbs, sidewalks, lighting, pedestrian crossings, street trees, rain gardens, bicycle parking, bollards, parking meters, and public art. This Phase 2 project would build on the successful first phase, with similar design elements and construction. As with the first phase, this project would fill gaps in multi-modal infrastructure - linking modes and nodes to provide a safer and more inviting corridor for all users.


City of Oregon City


The Clackamas County Emergency Notification System (CCENS) is set up to send warning messages in case of an emergency in your area. 

The sandbagging station located at 122 S. Center Street is currently open for the season.

Trailnews - Winter 2015

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