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Thursday July 30th
C-SAF Community Safety Advancement Fund

C-SAF is a utility fee being considered by the City Commission that would pay for a new public safety facility and sunset once the building is paid for. The project will be completed at the recently purchased Mt. Pleasant School site.

City of Oregon City

For the first time in 150 years, Oregonians have the opportunity to rediscover a cultural and scenic treasure: Willamette Falls.

City of Oregon City


On July 6, the Clackamas County Circuit Court ruled that Oregon City can apply its right-of-way (ROW) usage fee to the Tri-City Service District. 

This week, the Oregon Supreme Court issued an important ruling in a case involving the city of Phoenix and home rule. The League filed a brief and participated in oral argu­ment in support of the city. This ruling represents a win for every city in Oregon.