Cemetery Rules and Regulations

In compliance with ORS 97.710, the Oregon City Commission has adopted these Rules and Regulations for the use of Mountain View Cemetery.

These Rules and Regulations are intended as a protective measure for all who use this facility. The nature of all improvements, good appearance of the grounds and buildings, and respectful observance of the sacredness of the place, requires adherence to rules in which the right of an individual is secondary to the needs of others.

Anything that mars the general beauty of Mountain View Cemetery shall be avoided and lot owners shall consider that the one lot is but a part of the whole and seek to improve it only with regard to its surroundings.

More complete information for the Cemetery rules and regulations can be found in the attached document below and covers the following areas:

  • Visitors
  • Graves, Lots and improvements
  • Interments and Funerals
  • Disinterments and Removals
  • Trees, Shrubbery and Flowers
  • Objectionable Articles
  • Floral Arrangments
  • Automobiles
  • Monuments and Foundations
  • General Information for Visitors and Vendors