Landslide Activities in Oregon City

Landslide Activity - Crack in Ground

Due to the snow, ice and record rainfall events this winter season, Oregon City has experienced two significant landslides. 

On February 16, 2017, City staff was notified of a water main break on Trillium Park Drive that has since been attributed to a landslide.  At this time, Trillium Park Drive is closed from Swordfern Court to Canyon Court and the water main break has been isolated.  One single family home near the slide has experienced structural damage, including foundation cracking, and the structure has been identified as a dangerous building.  The Red Cross has been notified to assist the residents of the home.  With the road and associated underground utilities isolated, the City is assessing the short and long term impacts of the slide to determine the appropriate course of action to minimize further impacts. 

A second active landslide is located on private property north of Barclay Hills Park between Alden Street and Peter Skene Way.  The City has an 8” waterline and an 8” sanitary sewer line in the vicinity.  The 8” sewer line was impacted by the slide resulting in the need for City crews to abandon the sewer line and implement a temporary bypass plan to provide service to the area.  The City has hired an engineering consultant to design a new route so that emergency construction of a new line and abandonment of the old line can occur. 

The Peter Skene Way landslide caused a sanitary sewer overflow into the Newell Creek Canyon watershed.  The sewer leak has been stopped with the installation of the sewer bypass.  The City has notified the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) of the overflow and will be reporting any findings to DEQ as mandated by State and Federal law.  The City is instructing residents to avoid contact with water associated with the Newell Creek Canyon as a result of this sewer main break.

Three other known slides involving private property damage within the City limits of Oregon City continue to deteriorate under current winter weather conditions.  Although these sites do not involve damage to public facilities or rights-of-way, City staff remains apprised of these landslides and is acting as a resource to affected property owners.

To report landslide activity or for more information on landslides, contact John Lewis, Public Works Director at 503.657.0891.

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