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Sunday May 1st
Code Enforcement Faq's

Below are some common questions. You may also visit the Citizen Request page, which can search our FAQs and allows submissions to OC Request!, our request tracking tool (link at bottom of this page).

Question: Does the nuisance ordinance apply to my private property?
Answer: Yes. See chapter 8.08 & 8.20.160 of the Municipal Code, or refer to the following link

Question: Will the City repair the raised sidewalk in front of my home?
Answer: No. Maintaining the sidewalk and curb in good repair is the responsibility of the abutting property owner.  Please contact Development Services for standards and permit information at 503-496-1560.

Question: The limbs on the tree in front of my home are very low; who trims them?
Answer: The adjacent property owner is responsible for the maintenance of street trees and the planting strip. Limbs should be trimmed over the sidewalk to allow for safe passage for pedestrians and over the street to prevent property damage to vehicles.

Question:  Is soliciting legal in Oregon City?

Answer:  Yes.  A business license is required,  and should be carried on their person at all times.   A property owner may decide they do not want solicitors and post their property accordingly.  A property owner may request anyone leave their property, regardless of it being posted ‘No Soliciting’.  Failing to provide a business license may be turned in to business licensing at 503-657-0891.  Non-emergency police may be called at 503-655-8211, should a solicitor refuse to leave a property.

Question:What can be done with abandoned shopping carts in my neighborhood?
Answer: In an effort to minimize losses in cart inventory due to stolen property and to prevent assessed fines through City ordinances, the Northwest Grocery Association has teamed with NW Cart Retrieval Service. They have taken a proactive approach and developed a solution to the growing problem of abandoned shopping carts. Call NW Cart Retrieval at 888-55-CARTS (888-552-2787) to report abandoned carts in your community.

Question: Can I park my vehicle(s) in my yard?
Answer:  Yes, provided they are parked on an approved surface, are not sight obstructions, currently tagged and registered to a resident at the same location.

Question: Can I park my boat and/or RV on the public street?
Answer:  It is unlawful for any person to park or store any trailer, camper, mobile home, boat, trailer house, motor home or other recreational vehicle on any street, alley or highway, or other public place.

Question: Can I park my work vehicle in front of my house on the public street?
Answer: No. It is unlawful for any person to park or cause to be parked, any truck, truck trailer or large commercial vehicle in or on any street, alley, sidewalk or parking strip in areas where no mode of parking is indicated by signs or markings for a longer period of time than three hours at any one time unless said equipment is being used for some purpose in connection with the property immediately in front of which the vehicle is parked.

Question: I live in a subdivision with a Homeowners' Association. Can the City enforce the Association's by-laws?
Answer:  No. If someone in the subdivision is violating a provision of the Association's by-laws, it is the responsibility of the Association to initiate legal action. The only regulations the Code Enforcement Department can enforce are State, County, and City laws.

Question: I phoned in a complaint weeks ago. Why has nothing been done to the property?
Answer:  In all cases, the responsible party (Respondent) must be provided notice that there is a problem. They must be provided with a reasonable time period in which to correct the violation(s). This notice may be as simple as a visit from a Code Enforcement officer or other authorized City employee, or as difficult as sending notice via certified mail or the filing of a formal citation against those who refuse to answer their door or pick up certified mail. Regardless of the type of service for the Respondent(s) in your particular case, please rest assured that your complaint is important and is being handled in an appropriate manner.

Question: My neighbor is building a fence over my property line. Is there anything the City can do?
Answer:  No. Property line disputes are considered a private matter between two private property owners.

Question: The house next door has trash and debris all over the front and or back yards. Can anything be done to clean the property?
Answer:  Yes. Oregon City prohibits the storage of trash, debris, abandoned equipment and inoperable vehicles and/or parts on private property.

Question: Can I have a membrane structure on my private property?
Answer: Yes, provided it is behind the front facade of the home, not visible from the public right of way and items stored meet municipal standards.

Question: Do I need a permit if I need to do work in the street?
Answer: Yes.  You should contact Development Services in City Hall or call 503-496-1560 for further information.  You can also visit this website by choosing the Right-of-Way (ROW) Street Permits item below for further information.