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Wednesday May 25th
Emergency Preparedness
Emergency Checklist

The City strives to educate the public on what to do in an emergency and assist with emergency preparedness issues.

How to prepare for an emergency:

  • Establish a designated meeting place.
  • Create an emergency plan to communicate with friends and relatives
  • Know the emergency plan for your workplace and children's schools.
  • How to create a 72-hour Emergency Kit
  • More information: Oregon City Police Emergency Information page.

Alert Systems:

Internet: Website, Facebook, and Twitter alerts. In the event of an emergency, this website will scroll an obvious red banner with information about the emergency and what to do.

Flash Alert: is used to send out emergency alerts and news releases from the Police department. You may subscribe to receive these alerts via rss or email.

Phone Alerts: The City uses an automated phone alert system through the County to alert residents of emergencies. Residents who might be affected by an emergency will receive a call with information about the nature and location of the event, and instructions about what they can do to protect themselves.

Types of Emergency Information:

  1. Natural Disasters - floods, earthquakes, fires, severe weather, landslides, etc.
  2. Urban Emergencies - House or building fires, harmful or poisonous gas leaks, dangerous Police activity
  3. Medical - First aid and medical resources, creating an emergency plans
  4. Communication -Maps, shelter locations, phone numbers and contacts

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