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Thursday April 28th
Oregon City Finance Department
The Finance department provides financial statements and supporting schedules that are compliant with accounting principles generally accepted in the United States of America (GAAP). and meet the requirements of the standards as prescribed by the Secretary of State.
Water Valve

City Ordinance - 13.04.230. Authority to turn on water.

After the water has been shut off at the curb cock, if it should be turned on by any person other than an employee of the water department, the water will be again shut off, a section of the service pipe removed, and service will not be furnished until the arrears, current month and an additional charge for the reasonable cost of disconnection and resumption of service, as determined by administrative policy, are paid. (Prior code §3-3-25)

Service Disconnection | Landlord Notification

  • Shut off Notification is by mail 5-7 days prior to the Due date of the 20th account balances not satisfied by this date after 5PM are subject to either disconnection of service or and additional courtesy 24 hr door hanger.
  • If your service is disconnected for non-payment, only payment in full by 4:00 pm will restore your service that same day.
  • The city does not accept personal checks when service has been disconnected.
  • Calls received after business hours will be serviced next business day after your payment has been received.
  • During normal business hours restores are done in the order in which they are received after 2PM.

Landlord Notification for Rental Properties: Landlords are sent a Courtesy Copy of the their tenants "SHUT OFF" Notice as notification of the impending Service Interruption.

When services are discontinued for NON-PAYMENT The full outstanding balance plus Late Fees must be paid In Full before Water Service may resume, this applies to any person or entity requested the restore.  

Additional fees when applicable: Collection, Processing and Enforcement

Non-payment disconnection's are classified as Non-emergency

  • Collection, Processing and Enforcement - $25.00
  • Returned Check, Non-Sufficient Funds - $25.00
  • Meter Tampering $25.00. Service turned on by someone other than a City employee.
  • Damaged Padlock - $10.00 - Lock cut to facilitate turning own water service on.
  • Meter Pull - $50.00 - if the City has to pull the water meter following tampering.
  • After hours restore - $190.00*. Non-emergency restore calls