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Monday May 30th
Cultural Pass Policy

Borrowers must be at least 18 years of age with a library card in good standing.

The pass may be used on the date of the reservation only. No renewals or extensions are allowed.

Only one pass per day may be checked out on your library card. You may reserve passes for other venues on different days.


Two options:

  1. Day of reservation: within two hours after library opening.
  2. Night prior to reservation. Please call the library to make sure the pass is available.

RETURN:  Passes must be returned to Oregon City Public Library only. Passes may be returned in the outside book drop. To avoid a late charge, passes must be in the book drop before library opening on the next day of business.

Reservations may be made in person or by phoning the library at 503-657-8269.

If a reserved pass cannot be used, please contact the library. If a pass is not picked up within two hours of opening, your reservation will be forfeited.

The number of persons admitted to a particular venue will vary. Call the site for specific admission information not contained on the pass or in this brochure.

Overdue passes will incur a $5.00 late charge per day, up to the cost of the pass, starting as soon as the pass is overdue.

Charge for a lost pass is the replacement cost of the pass.

All pass privileges will be lost until charges are paid.

Transactions, including reservations, checkout and returns can only be performed at the Oregon City Public Library. Other libraries have their own passes and must be contacted directly regarding their use.