Donate to the Library

City of Oregon City

Many people make small and large donations to the Library. This can be done in multiple ways and all donations are welcome!

People frequently say 'Keep the change' when they are paying their fines. We can accept your cash or a check. A check should be made out to "Oregon City Public Library".

You can also donate through the Friends of the Oregon City Public Library. You can write them a check and mail or deliver it to:

 Friends of the Oregon City Library
 502 Seventh Street, Suite A
 Oregon City, OR  97045


You can direct these funds a few ways:

  • New building fund (please reference "Building Fund" on your check)
  • Children's Fund (please reference "Children's Fund" on your check)
  • No designation (This allows the Friends to place the money where they believe it is most needed)

The Friends of the Library are a qualifying non-profit on the recipient list of the Oregon Cultural Trust. This means that your donation to the Friends qualifies as a matching donation for purposes of a tax credit through this program. You can learn more about that program on the Oregon Cultural Trust website

The Friends of the Library are working to make their PayPal account available for online donations. At this time, the Library does not accept credit cards or online donations, but we are working to change that.

The Oregon City Library Foundation has been established to raise funds for the library. If you are interested in donating to the foundation and/or supporting their goals please visit

Thank you for your support of the Oregon City Public Library!