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Friday April 29th
Kill A Watt® Monitor

Check out energy savings!

Kill A Watt® monitors are available for check out at Oregon City Public Library! Check availability here.

Take charge of your energy use with a Killl A Watt®.

Use a Kill A Watt® monitor to measure how much energy is used by your electric devices at home. You can also turn off appliances and devices, and the Kill A Watt® will measure the "phantom" energy consumed-even when devices are turned off they still draw power as they wait in standby mode.

  1. Connect the device to the Kill A Watt®
  2. Identify energy-wasting appliances
  3. Begin unplugging or turning them off
  4. Start saving energy and lowering utility costs.

 For more information and to download a worksheet to chart energy use and cost, visit the Energy Trust of Oregon website.