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[Updated 1/12/17]


Parent's Guide: Your Child's Use of the Library

Congratulations on encouraging your child’s use of the library! We hope this will be the beginning of lifelong learning and reading enjoyment for them. The Oregon City Public Library is pleased to contribute to the education and entertainment of your child with its many fine quality print and audiovisual materials.


We have developed policies to protect the confidentiality of all patron loan records while recognizing the rights and responsibilities that parents have to monitor their child’s reading. Our library policy regarding these matters reads as follows: “A parent or legal guardian in possession of a minor child’s library card is permitted all services regarding the card. This includes picking up materials on hold, checking out other materials, payment of charges and full disclosure of materials checked out on the card.”


While a large children’s section exists with materials specifically for younger patrons, patrents should be aware that children also have access to all materials in the library. The library staff will not monitor or censor your child’s selections. It is your responsibility as a parent to be aware of what your child is checking out. There are a several ways you can do this:

  • Accompany your child to the library and assist them in their selections.
  • Use the Patron Access Computers in the library or via the Internet to access the record of items on loan. 
  • Present the child’s library card at the loan desk for a printout of materials currently checked out.
  • Restrict the use of movies with certain MPAA ratings by requesting a ‘block’ on the child’s card.


Parents are responsible for fines and other charges accrued on their child’s card. This includes replacement costs and billing charges for lost materials. These are the only services which may be accessed by the parent without presentation of the child’s card.


If you wish to pick up items being held for your child, you must be in possession of their card or check the items out on your own card.


The Internet: We have one internet computer in the Children’s area which is available for children. This is a filtered computer. There is also a computer loaded with age appropriate video games. Access to both computers is a first come, first serve arrangement. Sign up at the Children's Desk is required for the internet computer. We ask that you limit your child’s use to 1 hour if there are other children waiting.

We also have internet computers available in the reference department. These stations are not restricted to patrons by age and are available without parental signature. However, children under the age of 9 must be accompanied by a parent during use of internet stations. The time limit for use of these machines is 1 hour. We allow email, chats and games on these machines, so if these are activities you do not want your child to be involved in, it is your responsibility to be present to monitor their use. Downloading of software or supplemental internet programs is prohibited on all of our machines.

Programs and Story Times: The staff conducts regularly scheduled story times and craft programs for various age groups. Special programs are also conducted with outside performers. In addition, our Summer Reading Program promotes library use by ‘listeners’, readers and teens through incentives, contests, and special programs.


We ask that you maintain direct supervision over children you bring to the library. Please help them learn behavior that is appropriate to a public library setting. This includes keeping voices to a reasonable level and respecting the materials, furnishings, and equipment by using them appropriately. As a part of their regular duties, library staff members are required to speak to those in need of a reminder of these guidelines. Please keep in mind that our goal is to help everyone have an enjoyable and successful library experience.


Report lost cards immediately to prevent their use by unauthorized persons.

Rev. 5/16/13