Strategic Plan

Oregon City Public Library

Strategic Plan 2013-2018


606 John Adams, Oregon City, OR 97045

Explanation of Wordle on front cover:

The cover was created through the efforts of the staff at the Oregon City Public Library. Each staff member was asked to submit three words they felt expressed the future of the Library. These words were populated in WORDLE. The larger the word is in WORDLE, the more times it was submitted by staff.

What Is Wordle?

Wordle is a tool for generating “word clouds” from text that anyone can create. The clouds give greater prominence to words that appear more frequently in the source text.

Comment from Library Director Maureen Cole

Sometimes it is very clear in which direction you are headed. For years, the Library’s major goal has been to locate and build a new, expanded facility. In fact, this goal has existed for many years, since well before 1995, when the Library moved out of the Carnegie Building and into a larger space at Danielson’s Hilltop Mall. However, now that the Library is back in the Carnegie and will be here for at least two more years, it is clear that in addition to this very major goal, our other work, our every day service to our community, must have a plan guiding it. Thus the goal of this document - that in addition to the critical need for a facility, all our areas of service and resource have direction and goals. In this way, we ensure that we take the intentional steps necessary to provide the best possible service to our community through the best possible stewardship of taxpayer funds while also pursuing the new facility. Attention to this document will help keep the Library accountable and on track and prepared for the future.

Library Board 2013*

Don Wright, Chair
Lara Ingham, Vice Chair
Karin Morey
Claire Kellogg
Fred Haynes
D.A. Hildebrand
Dan Millard

Our Community

Date of incorporation: December 24, 1844
Form of government: Commission/manager
Population: 31,859
Number of registered voters: 16,637
Percent male: 49.3
Percent female: 50.7
Average household size: 2.73
Median age: 35.5
Area in square miles: 9.1
Median family income: $67,582
Mission and vision statements


To provide the information, inspiration, and ideas that empower, enrich, and educate each resident of our service area

Vision (What we want to be):

Inviting – Innovative - Involved

Oregon City Public Library

-is a community anchor;
-inspires literacy and lifelong learning;
-strengthens community;
-supports an understanding of Oregon City’s past and present in order to build its future.

Guiding principles

The Library will:

  • offer equal access to the vast range of information and resources for learning and entertainment;
  • deliver library service to the whole community, conducting all interactions with respect and acknowledging the diversity and individuality of our community members;
  • advance literacy and a love of life-long learning;
  • ignite imaginations and help people reach their full potential as individuals and citizens by providing materials, services, and events which inspire and speak to the human spirit;
  • serve as a community center, providing a place to gather and a space for people and ideas to connect;
  • preserve and celebrate the record of our area’s history;
  • promote excellence in customer service via well trained and supported staff;
  • embrace new and innovative ways to adapt to the changing needs of the community it serves;
  • form partnerships to advance these values.


GOAL: Manage staff development to allow for professional growth; maximize staffing efficiency and effectiveness, and identify diverse and creative ways to use volunteers. 


Year 1-2: review policies and processes and make them available in multiple ways; start staff wiki (online staff manual); identify professional development opportunities and provide training to staff in-house and out of library; identify volunteer opportunities

Year 3-4: looking ahead to needs of new library and new technologies, review positions for appropriate staffing; succession planning; expand dropbox service to other regions of service area

Year 5: review processes and policies against setting of new building for efficiency and staffing; identify training needs to ensure highest level of customer service; continue succession planning; refine volunteer efforts


GOAL: Create and maintain an easily accessible collection which educates, entertains, challenges, empowers and responds to the needs and interests of a dynamic community.

YEAR 1-2: ensure that turnover of materials is regular and consistent; enlarge e-collections as can afford; weed Jackson campus materials; investigate and streamline processes in Acquisitions and Processing

YEAR 3-4: explore opening day collection; create a plan to integrate stored materials with existing collection

YEAR 5: investigate outreach services of all portions of service area


GOAL:  Expand programming and services which help build community for all age groups

YEAR 1-2: create programming that builds partnerships and establishes the library as community participant; create programs that build upon the interests of our community; create feedback loop for the evaluation of programming

YEAR 3-4: emphasize youth programming and literacy; over-50s; and other groups with increased needs; investigate ‘maker space’

YEAR 5: bring library programs to multiple locations in the community


GOAL:  Develop partnerships with a broad range of community organizations to build strong communities, support economic development and enhance educational, informational and cultural development. 

YEAR 1-2: Encourage community efforts by supporting events and educational opportunities; reach out to schools and local businesses; get business partners for anniversary

YEAR 3-4: Ensure that the library is participating in appropriate community events

YEAR 5: Become essential school partner in literacy


GOAL:  Efficiently use technology to enhance public access to library resources and services

YEAR 1-2: Improve access to power for wifi use; expand use of e-books and ensure meeting all legal obligations; replace equipment on regular schedule; coordinate IT support to maximize service to our patrons

YEAR 3-4: Plan new building technology with the greatest amount of flexibility and adaptability built in

YEAR 5: Prepare for new technologies


GOAL: Increase community awareness of the wide range of services, programs and resources available through the Library

YEAR 1-2: start email newsletter; continually improve web site; maintain list of local contacts for promotional materials; increase library profile through Director’s participation in community organizations

YEAR 3-4: Increase library profile through series of targeted talks and events, both library hosted and community sponsored

YEAR 5: Community needs assessment


GOAL:  Maintain prudent financial management and explore sponsorship possibilities to sustain and enhance the quality of the library and its resources  

YEAR 1-2:  get sponsors for film series and other programs

YEAR 3-4: encourage fundraising efforts of the Friends of the Library and the Oregon City Library Foundation

YEAR 5: continue to support fundraising efforts


GOAL:  Expand the library space to provide our community with the facility they deserve

YEAR 1-2: site selection; bond measure after water rate rollback; architect selection and plans, and site dedication

YEAR 3-4: build/renovate library facility

YEAR 5: move in





*The Library Board adopted the 2013-18 Strategic Plan. The full text of the document is below as a downloadable/printable PDF.