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Friday November 28th
About Oregon City GIS

The GIS (Geographic Information Systems) department is a division of the Community Development Department, and supplies mapping services to the public and all City departments. We provide interactive mapping services, data purchasing, database and website services, and project mapping. We were one of the first cities in the Metro region to obtain LIDAR data to accurately map terrain, and participate in an extensive data sharing cooperative in the Metro region.

Taxmap Index

Taxmaps are available for all parts of Oregon City. Please select the section number from the list on the right to see all the individual taxmaps for that section.

City of Oregon City

The Map Gallery contains a selection of City maps to view and download. City wide maps include information on Land Use, Slope, Neighborhood Associations, Streets as well as hazard maps for Earthquake Zones and the 100 year Flood Plain.

Property Report

The Property Report tool allows you to create a report of a property in pdf format.  You may then save or print the report at your convenience.

Oregon City Flood 1943

The City of Oregon City participates in the FEMA National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), which makes flood insurance available to everyone. The City makes continual efforts to reduce flood damage potential, which reduces insurance rates.

City of Oregon City Historic Resources Map

The Historic Resources Map contains historic landmarks, markers, and information about the Oregon City area. It was produced in 2001 and is a useful resource to find and visit important historic sites in the City.

City of Oregon City

This tool lets you find zoning information for your property.  You can run the tool by typing in your address in the form below.