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Sunday February 14th
GIS Services
Aerial Photo of city

The GIS (Geographic Information Systems) department at Oregon City is a division of the Community Development Department, and supplies mapping services to the public and all City departments.

Our services include maintaining a library of hardcopy and digital maps, taxmaps and as-builts, as well as environmental, land-use, utility, transportation, and other types of data that support city functions. Our interactive mapping website - OCWebMaps - features taxlot information, aerial photos from 1999-2011, zoning reports and layer selection, putting the power of GIS to work for the  residents and businesses of Oregon City.

Our maps are available for purchase, in either hardcopy or digital form. Feel free to contact our GIS staff with questions regarding any of our mapping services or products.

OCWebmaps also contains powerful query and GIS tools like buffering, spatial selection, and outstanding map creation and export tools.  OCWebMaps puts the power of GIS to work for you, whether you need to plot a simple map, understand a complex query, or just want to explore what Oregon City has to offer.