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Saturday October 25th
Map Gallery
Map Gallery

The Map Gallery contains a selection of City maps to view and download. City wide maps include information on Land Use, Slope, Neighborhood Associations, Streets as well as hazard maps for Earthquake Zones and the 100 year Flood Plain.


For an interactive web map feature, from which you can create and print custom reports based on your needs, visit OCWebMaps.

Detail Maps

Zoning Map August 2014
Comprehensive Plan August 2014
Neighborhood Associations May 2013
Subdivision Map January 2011
Constrained Vacant Lands August 2013
Police Patrol Districts January 2013
Water Quality and Flood Management Areas August 2013
Street Map September 2014
Slope Map August 2013
Winter Response Map February 2014

Hazard or Other Maps

Earthquake Zones August 2013
Hazardous Materials August 2013
Geologic Report and Maps DOGAMI 2009

100 Year Floodplain and 1996 Flood Area Map

*Please note: 

FEMA has a Flood insurance Rate Map and other floodplain info HERE. Oregon City has also provided a floodplain info page with links to FEMA and other City maps. 

August 2013