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Wednesday February 10th

Oregon City has a City Commission made up of 4 elected Commissioners and one elected Mayor. Commissioner Terms are 4 years each, with a maximum of 2 terms of four years each in any ten-year period. On the first Wednesday meeting in January, the Commission, including the Mayor, elects a one-year term Commission President. The Commission President shall perform the duties of Mayor in the absence of that officer.

Mayor Dan Holladay

Mayor Dan Holladay
Term: January 1, 2015 to December 31, 2018

Phone: 971-269-9471
Fax: 503-657-7026


Each edition of the Trail News contains an article by Mayor Dan Holladay. Read the current City Matters only, or the entire Trail News.

Click here to watch the entire State of the City 2015 address by Mayor Dan Holladay.

Records Online is an exciting new Web feature that enables anyone with access to the Internet to search and access many City documents.

The mission of the  City Recorder's Office is to provide ready access of public records to anyone at any time. The goal is to continually increase the number of records available to the public and to establish user-friendly search mechanisms to access these records.

The City of Oregon City has fifteen active boards, commissions, or committees that are composed of volunteers appointed to the board or commission by the Mayor or City Commission. The job of board or commission members is crucial to the success of Oregon City's representative government. By sharing their experience, expertise, and time, citizens provide valuable insight--the citizen's point of view--to the operations of the city and City Commission's decision-making process. Boards and commissions review new and existing operations in specific areas and suggest an appropriate course of action to city management and the City Commission.