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Monday May 30th
  • Downtown Circulation Study

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  • Transportation
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  • 2010
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  • Downtown Circulation Study

    The circulation plan study was completed with funds provided by an Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) and Land Conservation and Development (DLCD) Quick Response Transportation Growth Management grant to study the circulation in downtown Oregon City and determine if two-way traffic on Main Street between 6th and 9th Streets is beneficial for multi-modal users and businesses. Additionally, study goals were to:

    • Explore the pros and cons of restoring two-way traffic to portions of the downtown area.
    • Simplify circulation and parking to improve desirability of the downtown as an activity/shopping destination.
    • Identify specific recommendations for improving the pedestrian environment of the area.
    • Improve access to the area for alternate modes of transportation, including bicycle and transit.
    • Identify specific action items which will further the long-term goals of the circulation plan and can be implemented during the bridge restoration period.
    The study included regular meetings, information exchange, and public outreach with Main Street Oregon City, downtown stakeholders, the community at-large, and agency partners (ODOT, TriMet, and Clackamas County). ODOT has jurisdiction of Main Street between 5th Street (McLoughlin Boulevard) and about half-way between 7th and 8th Streets, and Oregon City has jurisdiction over other Main Street blocks. The study considered circulation issues relating to downtown retail success, Main Street bus and trolley service, vehicle turning movements at the Main/7th Street intersection, and downtown bicycle accessibility. 
    Additionally, a traffic engineering analysis was completed for traffic volumes and intersection operations on Main Street in the study area for existing conditions, Hwy 43/Arch Bridge construction closure conditions, and two-way Main Street conditions (during bridge construction closure, post bridge construction, and 2035 projected conditions). 
    Study recommendations include Near-Term Projects and Minimum 2013 Projects that would correlate with the period when the bridge is closed for construction and when the bridge re-opens. The Oregon City Transportation System Plan Capital Facilities Improvement Plan and the Metro 2035 Regional Transportation Plan already include the Main Street Sidewalk Improvements between 5th and 15th Streets Project which is intended to serve as traffic calming elements and safety improvements through an improved pedestrian and bicycle friendly environment in downtown Oregon City. 

    Improvements include safe, pedestrian and bike-friendly connectivity to the TriMet Oregon City Transit Center, the 13th Street public parking lot, the Courthouse, the newly constructed Willamette Terrace and McLoughlin Boulevard improvements, the Willamette River Trail, the Municipal Elevator, the recently completed Amtrak Station, and the many downtown businesses. Also important is improving downtown aesthetics and pedestrian comfort through updated street lighting and landscaping and contributing to the economic stability and enhancing the livability of Oregon City. 

    Identified Near-Term Projects for Downtown Retail Success include: 
    -                      Remove angled parking curb extensions (7th to 9th Streets)
    -                      Remove landscaped island at 6th Street
    -                      Restripe roadway for two-way traffic (6th to 9th Streets)
    -                      Replace signal with stop signs at Main and 7th Street
    -                      Restripe parallel parking and designate 2-hour parking (6th to 10th Streets)
    -                      Relocate or replace parking meters for parallel parking (7th to 9th Streets)
    -                      Determine feasibility of curbing Main Street alley accesses (7th to 9th Streets)
    For Main Street Bus and Trolley Service they include: 
    -                      Maintain trolley layover/stop at courthouse only during trolley service
    -                      Remove Main Street bus pullout; and
    Identified Minimum 2013 Projects for Downtown Retail Success include: 
    -                      Convert three-way stop to 4-way traffic control (evaluate need for new signal) at 7th Street
    For Vehicle Turning Movements at Main and 7th Street
    -                      No right-turn (buses and trucks) on/off bridge and 7th Street
    -                      Consider restricting left turns off bridge and 7th Street
    For Rerouting Trucks
    -                      Two-way 7th Street (Main Street to Railroad Avenue)
    -                      Two-way Railroad (6th to 7th Streets)
    -                      Reverse 6th Street direction
    -                      Restripe angled parking on Railroad Avenue from 6th to 7th Streets
    -                      Restripe curbside parallel parking on 7th Street
    -                      Modifiy sidewalk corners for truck turning movement; and