Apply for the Architect position with the Oregon City Historic Review Board!

Historic Review Board (Architect position)

Apply for the Historic Review Board’s Architect position and lend your expertise to help preserve Oregon City’s history while shaping its future!

  • Have a voice in decision making!

As a member of the Historic Review Board, you will review alterations to existing structures, proposals for new development, and vote on land use decisions affecting our local historic districts (McLoughlin Conservation District and Canemah Historic District) as well as individually designated structures throughout the City. These are important decisions that help preserve Oregon City’s history while shaping our future.

  • Community Service!

Serving on Oregon City’s Historic Review Board contributes to the community by preserving some of the City’s greatest assets – its historic structures and historic districts.

  • Learning Opportunity!

As a member of the Historic Review Board, you will have an opportunity to learn about Oregon City’s history, the land use process, and local and regional issues affecting Oregon City. Serving on the Historic Review Board is also a great way to stay up to date with historic landmarks and districts.

  • Meet People!

Serving on the Historic Review Board provides you with an opportunity to meet many different people. From residents, to City staff, and developers and architects, you will interact with these groups of people on a regular basis and gain a deeper understanding of their roles and how they shape our community.

The Historic Review Board (HRB) meets regularly at 6:00 p.m. on the fourth Tuesday of each month. The purpose of the HRB is to carry out the City's historic resources program by reviewing development for historic compatibility, recommending ordinances and resolutions to the City Commission; and considering landmark designations, demolitions, and archeological site designations.  Learn more about the Historic Review Board here