Title Project ID Project Type Project Status Year Location
2016 In House Paving Projects CI 16-012 Capital Improvement Active 2016
2016 Oregon City Preventive Pavement Maintenance CI 16-002 Capital Improvement Active 2016
2016 Oregon City Roadway Reconstruction Projects CI 16-001 Capital Improvement Active 2016
97045 Oregon City , OR
99E Bluff Waterline Replacement Project CI 16-004 Capital Improvement Active 2016
McLoughlin Promenade
Bluff Street and 3rd Street
97045 Oregon City , OR
AN-16-0001 AN-16-0001 Land Use Active 2016
Berry Hill Park Apartments Retaining Wall US-16-0002, NR-16-0004, SP-16-0004, VR-16-0001 Land Use Active 2016
13945 Beavercreek Rd
Oregon City
DP 16-02: Detailed Development Plan for a single-story retail building located at within the Hilltop Shopping Center at the intersection of Beavercreek Road and Danielson Drive. DP 16-02: Detailed Development Plan for a single-story retail building located at within the Hilltop Shopping Center at the intersection of Beavercreek Road and Danielson Drive. Land Use Active 2016
Hilltop Shopping Center
358 warner milne
97045 Oregon City , OR
Hazelwood Drive Sanitary Sewer Improvements CI 16-005 Capital Improvement Active 2016
Hazelwood Dr
Oregon City , OR
Holcomb Blvd Permanent Slide Repair CI 16-010 Capital Improvement Active 2016
Holcomb Blvd
97045 Oregon City , OR
LE 16-02 Text Amendment to Chapter 17.62 of the Municipal Code LE 16-02 Land Use Active 2016
LL 16-04/DP 16-03: Lot Line Abandonment and Detailed Development Plan for a Medical Office Building and Associated Parking Lots DP 16-03/LL 16-04 Land Use Active 2016
1505 Division St.
97045 Oregon City
NR-16-0001 NR-16-0001 Land Use 2016
SP-16-0001: Fred Meyer Clicklist Facility SP-16-0001 Land Use 2016
SP-16-0001: Minor Site Plan and Design Review SP-16-0001 Land Use 2016
SP-16-0003 SP-16-0003 Land Use Active 2016
SP-16-0006 SP-16-0006 Land Use Active 2016
Stormwater Master Plan Update CI 16-006 Master Planning Active 2016
15th St Waterline Replacements, Main to Division CI 15-011 Capital Improvement Active 2015
15th Street
97045 Oregon City , OR
2015 Oregon City Roadway Reconstruction Projects CI 15-001 Capital Improvement Active 2015
Oregon City
Beavercreek Road Dual Left Turn Lanes Extension CI 15-010 Capital Improvement Active 2015
Intersection of Beavercreek Road and OR 213
97045 Oregon City , OR
CP-15-0001: Concept (Master) Plan Amendment, DP-15-0001: Detailed Development Plan, NR-15-0005: Natural Resources Overlay District Review and US-15-0006: Geologic Hazards Overlay District Review CP-15-0001, DP-15-0001, NR-15-0005, US-15-0006 Land Use 2015
CU-15-0001: Conditional Use, SP-15-0010: Site Plan Design Review CU-15-0001, SP-15-0010 Land Use 2015
Front Office Remodel AND Family Changing Rooms POOL 15-001 Capital Improvement Inactive 2015
Front Office Remodel at the Oregon City Swimming Pool POOL 15-002 Capital Improvement Inactive 2015
Gaffney Lane Street Widening CI 15-008 Capital Improvement Active 2015
13445 Gaffney Lane
97045 Oregon City
HR-15-0001 HR-15-0001 Land Use 2015
HR-15-0002 HR-15-0002 Land Use 2015
HR-15-0003 HR-15-0003 Land Use 2015
HR-15-0004 HR-15-0004 Land Use 2015
HR-15-0005 HR-15-0005 Land Use 2015
LE-15-0003: Re-adoption of the Beavercreek Road Concept Plan LE-15-0003 Land Use 2015
LE-15-0004: Legislative Application for Meyer Road Extension Corridor Plan LE-15-0004 Land Use 2015
Linn Avenue Sanitary Sewer Replacement CI 15-018 Capital Improvement Active 2015
Linn Avenue
97045 Oregon City , OR
Madison Street and 14th Street to Division Street Sewer Project CI 15-004 Capital Improvement Inactive 2015
97045 Oregon City
Molalla Avenue: Beavercreek Road to Hwy. 213 GRANT Capital Improvement Active 2015
Molalla Ave
97045 Oregon City , OR
MP-15-0001: 3-Lot Partition at 1009 Woodlawn Ave MP-15-0001 Land Use 2015
PI-15-0001, AP-15-0001: Public Improvement Modification for 17465 Harriett Ave PI-15-0001 Land Use 2015
Public Works Operations Center CI 15-005B Master Planning Active 2015
South End, Warner Parrott & Lawton Waterline Replacements CI 15-012 Capital Improvement Active 2015
Intersection of Warner Parrott and South End Road
97045 Oregon City
SP-15-0001: Minor Site Plan and Design Review - 62 sq ft addition to West employee entrance at the Beavercreek Clinic SP-15-0001 Land Use 2015
SP-15-0002: Site Plan and Design Review SP-15-0002 Land Use 2015
SP-15-0004: Two-Story Office Building at 415 Center St w/ 5-space parking lot SP-15-0004 Land Use 2015
SP-15-0005: Minor Site Plan and Design Review SP-15-0005 Land Use 2015
SP-15-0006: 615 High Street SP-15-0006 Land Use 2015
SP-15-0007: Minor Site Plan and Design Review SP-15-0007 Land Use 2015
SP-15-0008: Minor Site Plan and Design Review SP-15-0008 Land Use 2015
SP-15-0009: Minor Site Plan and Design Review SP-15-0009 Land Use 2015
SP-15-0011: Minor Site Plan and Design Review SP-15-0011 Land Use 2015
SP-15-0012: Minor Site Plan and Design Review SP-15-0012 Land Use 2015
SP-15-0013: 13849 Holcomb Blvd 18-Unit Apartment (2 Buildings). SP-15-0013 Land Use 2015
SP-15-0014: Depave Project at Eastham School SP-15-0014 Land Use 2015
SP-15-0015: Minor Site Plan and Design Review SP-15-0015 Land Use 2015
SP-15-0016: Minor Site Plan and Design Review SP-15-0016 Land Use 2015
SP-15-0017, NR-15-0008, DP-16-0001 SP-15-0017, NR-15-0008, DP-16-0001 Land Use 2015
TP-15-0001, US-15-0001 TP-15-0001, US-15-0001 Land Use 2015
TP-15-0004: Eastham Hill Subdivision TP-15-0004, US-15-0005 Land Use 2015
TP-15-0005: Subdivision (32 Lots) TP-15-0005 Land Use 2015
TP-15-0005: Subdivision (32 Lots) TP-15-0005 Land Use 2015
TP-15-0006, US-15-0007: Hunter Hill Subdivision TP-15-0006, US-15-0007 Land Use 2015
TP-15-0007: 41 Lot subdivision TP-15-0007 Land Use 2015
TP-15-0007: 41-lot Subdivision TP-15-0007 Land Use 2015
TP-15-0008: 7-Lot Subdivision on Gaffney Ln TP-15-0008 Land Use 2015
US-15-0001 US-15-0001 Land Use 2015
US-15-0003, NR-15-0003: 716 4th Ave, Canemah US-15-0003, NR-15-0003 Land Use 2015
US-15-0004 US-15-0004 Land Use 2015
ZC-15-0001: Zone Change R-10 to R-8, TP-15-0002: 19-Lot Subdivision, NR-15-0004: Natural Resource Overlay District Verification ZC-15-0001, TP-15-0002, NR-15-0004 Land Use 2015
ZC-15-0002, TP-15-0003 ZC-15-0002, TP-15-0003 Land Use 2015
ZC-15-0002: Zone Change R-10 to R-6, TP-15-0003: 25-Lot Subdivision ZC-15-0002, TP-15-0003 Land Use 2015
ZC-15-0003: Zone Change from R-3.5 Dwelling District, R-6 Single-Family Dwelling District and R-10 Single-Family Dwelling District to "MUC-2" Mixed Use Corridor-2 ZC-15-0003, PZ-15-0001 Land Use 2015
ZC-15-0004: Zone Change, PZ-15-0002: Amendment to the Comprehensive Plan, CP-15-0002: Master Plan Amendment ZC-15-0004, PZ-15-0002, CP-15-0002 Land Use 2015
AN-14-0001: Annexation of 19588 S. McCord Rd AN-14-0001 Land Use 2014
19588 S. McCord Road
97045 Oregon City , OR
AP-14-0001, AP-14-0002: Appeals of SP-14-0001: Beavercreek Road Live/Work and Apartment Complex AP-14-0001, AP-14-0002 Land Use 2014
CP-14-0001: Master Plan Amendment, DP-14-0001: Detailed Development Plan CP-14-0001, DP-14-0001 Land Use 2014
CP-14-0002: Master Plan, ZC-14-0003: Zone Change and Text Amendment, PZ-14-0001: Comprehensive Plan Map Amendment and amendments to ancillary documents of the Comprehensive Plan CP-14-0002, ZC-14-0003, PZ-14-0001 Land Use 2014
CP-14-0003: Master Plan, DP-14-0004: Detailed Development Plan, NR-14-0010: Natural Resource Overlay District CP-14-0003, DP-14-0004, NR-14-0010 Land Use 2014
CU-14-0001, SP-14-0009: 31-Bed Assisted Living Facility at 950 South End Rd CU-14-0001, SP-14-0009, VR-14-0001, LL-14-0005 Land Use 2014
DP-14-0002: Detailed Development Plan DP-14-0002 Land Use 2014
DP-14-0003: Detailed Development Plan DP-14-0003 Land Use 2014
HR-14-0001 HR-14-0001 Land Use 2014
HR-14-0002 HR-14-0002 Land Use 2014
HR-14-0003 HR-14-0003 Land Use 2014
HR-14-0004 HR-14-0004 Land Use 2014
HR-14-0005 HR-14-0005 Land Use 2014
HR-14-0006: Historic Review HR-14-0006 Land Use 2014
HR-14-0007 HR-14-0007 Land Use 2014
HR-14-0008 HR-14-0008 Land Use 2014
HR-14-0010 HR-14-0010 Land Use 2014
LE-14-0002: Sanitary Sewer Master Plan Update LE-14-0002 Land Use 2014
LE-14-0004: Linn Avenue, Leland Road and Meyers Road Corridor Plan LE-14-0004 Land Use 2014
LN-14-0006: Nonconforming Use Review LN-14-0006 Land Use 2014
MD-14-0001: Modification to SP-14-0004 Site Plan and Design Review MD-14-0001 Land Use 2014
Meyers Road Extension Corridor Plan CI 14-012 Capital Improvement Active 2014
97045 Oregon City
MP-14-0001: Minor Partition MP-14-0001 Land Use 2014
MP-14-0002: 2-lot Partition on Lazy Creek Lane MP-14-0002 Land Use 2014
Natatorium Curtain Wall Glazing Replacement POOL 14-001 Capital Improvement Inactive 2014
NR-14-0003: Natural Resource Overlay Review NR-14-0003 Land Use 2014
NR-14-0004: Union Pacific Trolley Bridge Site Restoration NR-14-0004 Land Use 2014
SP-14-0001: Beavercreek Road Apartments / Live-Work Units SP-14-0001 Land Use 2014
SP-14-0002: Site Plan and Design Review SP-14-0002 Land Use 2014
SP-14-0003, US-14-0002, NR-14-0002: Metro Canemah Bluffs Trail, Overlook, Bridge & Boardwalk SP-14-0003, US-14-0002, NR-14-0002 Land Use 2014