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Tuesday May 24th
Capital Projects (Engineering)

The Capital Projects team is responsible for oversight of the planning, design, and construction management of the various capital improvement fund projects for water, sanitary sewer, stormwater, and transportation.  These projects are funded by both the various operations funds, the System Development Charge funds, and grants and other funds from the federal and state governments.  The team follows the various Capital Improvements Programs formulated during the Master Plan process and published in the Water Master Plan, the Sanitary Sewer Master Plan, the Drainage Master Plan, and the Transportation System Plan.

The team currently consists of:


Aleta Froman-Goodrich City Engineer (503) 496-1570
Dayna Webb Project Engineer (503) 974-5508
Jonathan Archibald Project Engineer (503) 974-5506
John Burrell Project Mgr/Erosion Control Officer (503) 496-1556
Kathy Griffin Administrative Assistant (503) 496-1555



Public Works Dept.
625 Center St.