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Thursday April 24th
Contact Public Works


ASHENBERNER, Jake Utility Worker 503.657.8241
BURRELL, John Erosion Control Officer 503.496.1556
CARTER, Chuck Field Representative 503.496.1548
CULLISON, Bob Engineering Manager 503.496.1561
DEBERRY, Eli Water Supervisor 503.657.8241
DUNLOP, Chris GIS Coordinator 503.496.1566
FRAZIER, Jason GIS Technician 503.496.1567
FROMAN-GOODRICH, Aleta Senior Engineer 503.496.1570
GRIFFIN, Kathy Sr. Admin. Asst. 503.496.1555
GUSDORF, Linda Office Specialist III 503.657.8241
HAND, Eric Waste and Storm Water Supervisor 503.657.8241
HANKS, Kevin Street Supervisor 503.657.8241
HEPLER, Dan Mechanic   503.657.8241
JOHNSON, Gail Water Quality Technician 503.657.8241
KATRENA, Scott Water Team Leader 503.657.8241
KNAPP, John Engineering Technician 503.496.1560
LEWIS, John Interim Public Works Director 503.657.8241
MORISETTE, Tom Waste and Storm Water Team Leader 503.657.8241
OSTERMILLER, Larry Lead Mechanic 503.657.8241
POWLISON, Matt Street Team Leader 503.657.8241
SEWALL, John Enviro. Service Technician 503.657.8241
SHAFER, Fran Sr. Admin. Asst. 503.657.8241
WAHRGREN, Erik Project Engineer 503.496.1510




City Hall

122 S. Center Street P.O. BOX 3040
Oregon City, OR 97045 625 Center Street
Phone: 503-657-8241 Oregon City, OR 97045
Fax: 503-650-9590 Phone: 503-657-0891
Toll-free: 888-873-1676
  Fax: 503-657-7892