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Wednesday May 4th
Right-of-Way (ROW) Street Permits

ROW permits are required to perform any work in the street pertaining to:

  • Water connections, repairs, and new installations to the public water main
  • Sanitary sewer connections, repairs, and new installations to the public sewer main
  • Stormwater connections, repairs, and new installations to the public stormwater main
  • Street repairs such as curb and sidewalk repairs or new installations
  • Temporary obstructions in the public ROW such as moving containers and debris dumpsters

Normally if you need one of these permits, fill out a right-of-way permit application form, and either digitally sign it or print it and sign it and bring it to to the Public Works counter at City Hall, 625 Center Street, Oregon City Oregon.  You may also email it to the City or send it by U.S. Mail to ROW Permit Coordinator, Oregon City Public Works, P. O. Box 3040, Oregon City, Oregon 97045.  The current fee for a ROW permit can be found listed in the Engineering Services Fee Chart available below.

If your request is to remove or replace a street tree, as defined by the Planning Division, you should contact the Planning Division at 221 Molalla Ave, contact them at 503.722.3789, or visit their web page.  More information regarding street tree removal is also available in the brochure identified below.