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Tuesday May 3rd
Sanitary Sewer Master Plan
Sanitary Sewer Master Plan Map

Updated in 2003.

     The City of Oregon City’s last sanitary sewer master plan was completed in 1989. Since then, the City has experienced population growth of more than 50 percent, sewer service has been extended to 34 additional subdivisions, and other capital projects have been undertaken, including projects to separate sewage flows and stormwater flows that previously were conveyed together in combined sewers. Because of the changes since the last master plan, an update is needed to fully evaluate the City’s current sewer system, identify deficiencies, and outline a capital improvement program to provide adequate sewer service over a 20-year planning period.

     The City contracted with Tetra Tech/KCM, Inc. to update its sanitary sewer master plan. Preparation of the master plan involved the following elements:

  • Document the existing sewer system
  • Assess existing and future wastewater flows
  • Evaluate sewer capacity and projected capacity needs
  • Evaluate pump station capacity and condition
  • Recommend improvements and prepare a capital improvement plan.

Read the full report by clicking the link below: