Engineering Services Engineering Services is responsible for oversight of the planning, design, and construction management of the various capital improvement fund projects for water, sanitary sewer, stormwater, and transportation. 

Additionally, Engineering Services works with the Planning Division and Public Works Operations providing engineering review and comments for subdivision, partition, and site plan reviews, community development ordinance updates, street & easement vacations, transportation reviews, and assists with commenting on new development sites.

Stormwater The Stormwater Division manages the stormwater collection and treatment systems within the city limits of Oregon City (22 drainage basins, 53 detention ponds).
Transportation The Transportation team's goal is to maintain the City’s transportation system and improve public safety.
Wastewater (Sanitary) The Wastewater team's goal is to protect public safety and provide wastewater utility to Oregon City by maintaining and improving the wastewater collection system, including pump stations, mainlines, laterals and manholes.
Water The goal of the Water team is to distribute and maintain Oregon City's potable water supply and to protect public health by closely monitoring the system and complying with all safe drinking water standards.