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Wednesday May 4th
Transportation System Plan (TSP)
Transportation System Plan Map

Although the City is currently in the process of updating its Transportation System Plan (TSP) (see the TSP update website), the existing TSP was adopted in April 2001 when the City of Oregon City, in conjunction with Clackamas County, Metro, and the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT), initiated a study of the City’s transportation system in the summer of 1997. The purpose of this study was to prepare and adopt a transportation system plan (TSP) that accomplishes two broad objectives. First, the plan works as a guide to manage and develop the City’s transportation facilities over the 20-year period to 2020. Second, the plan incorporates the vision of the community into an integrated and efficient land use and transportation system that addresses the multi-modal desires of the community.

The Oregon City Urban Growth Boundary (UGB) contains more than sufficient land area to accommodate the City’s 20-year growth projection, as developed by Metro. Because of this abundant supply of land within the UGB, there is a potential for low-density development and inefficient development patterns, which could make it difficult to provide utilities and services cost-effectively and efficiently. How and where future development occurs will be important in terms of helping Oregon City maintain its strong identity and character, while improving the relationship between land use and transportation. Careful planning and development review will ensure that both redevelopment and new development alike will actually improve the livability and sustainability of Oregon City.


The report was amended through Resolutions 08-13 and 09-06 dated 6/18/08 and 4/15/09, respectively.  These amendments are available below.