Update on Pothole Repair Due to Winter Freeze

Road Construction Cone

Please know the Street Division has placed potholes at a very high priority and we are getting to them as fast as we can.  This week we are concentrating on Molalla Avenue between Beavercreek Road and Clairmont Way.  As the weather continues to improve, the Street Division can improve  level of service with a better comprehensive repair that will last much longer.

Generally, response time is within 24-48 hours for potholes.  However, during this winter season, where our streets have resulted in hundreds of potholes, this timeframe has not always been met.  As you all know, this winter has been worse than in the recent past with the high moisture conditions combined with the freeze-thaw temperature fluctuations.  It caused significant stress on our pavements which has led to the formation cracks and potholes on much of our transportation system.  The patching material that was placed in these large cracks and potholes the last couple of months was only a temporary fix and this is why they were continuing to blow out.  We thank you for your patience and understanding as the Street Division begins to make these longer lasting, comprehensive repairs.