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Saturday May 28th
Urban Renewal Plan for Downtown
Downtown Plan

     This Urban Renewal Plan, originally adopted December 19,1990, is the Urban Renewal Plan for the Downtown area in Oregon City, Oregon. This Plan is the only urban renewal plan for the Downtown area. The Plan is being updated to reflect changes in the scope of projects in the project area (See Exhibits 1 and 3) in response to the Oregon City Futures Report prepared by Leland Consulting Group and StastnyBrun Architects, Inc., dated October 2004, and to increase the maximum amount of indebtedness to complete the Plan.

     The Oregon City Futures Report (the “Futures Report”) is a strategy for economic development for Oregon City. As a result of an extensive public involvement process initiated by the City in March 2004, The Futures Report gives considerable attention to the designation by Metro of Oregon City as a Regional Center in Metro’s Region 2040 Growth Concept (one of seven such designations within the Portland Metro area). The Report provides a series of recommendations on policy issues and development strategies to realize economic development success citywide and achieve the objectives of the Urban Renewal Plan for the Plan Area.

     This Plan has been prepared pursuant to Oregon Revised Statute (ORS) Chapter 457, and all applicable laws and ordinances of the State of Oregon and City of Oregon City respectively. All such applicable laws and ordinances are made a part of this Plan, whether expressly referred to in the text or not.

     In 1990, the Oregon City Commission amended the Oregon City Downtown Renewal Plan of 1983 to remove the downtown area from the Plan, to add project activities, and to rename the 1983 plan the Hilltop Urban Renewal Plan. The Urban Renewal Advisory Committee and City Commission directed staff to prepare a new Urban Renewal Plan for downtown Oregon City, and to include additional areas adjacent to the downtown that suffer from blighting conditions. This plan, named the Downtown Oregon City/North End Urban Renewal Plan was the second Urban Renewal Plan adopted by the City. The Hilltop Urban Renewal District to which this plan referred was closed in 2005, and saw a 1,100% increase in assessed value, and the Downtown Oregon City Urban Renewal District is the only Urban Renewal District designated in Oregon City as of 2007.

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