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Thursday May 5th
Wastewater (Sanitary) Division

OBJECTIVE:  Protect public safety and provide wastewater utility to Oregon City by maintaining and improving the wastewater collection system, including pump stations, mainlines, laterals and manholes. Respond to emergency system bypasses to reduce hazards to human health and the environment. Implement best management practices while performing operations to protect the surrounding environment.



  • 2009-10 Operations budget = $5.3 million
  • Class 3 sewer collection system
  • 9,400 customers Tri-City Wastewater Treatment Plant (County district)
  • Separated sewer system (not combined sewer)
  • 12 pump stations
  • 136 miles of pipe (gravity and force mains)


  • System cleaning program
  • TV inspection program
  • Pump station replacement program
  • Pipeline replacement and ugrade program
  • Pump station maintenance
  • GBA asset management




Sewer Customers 9,539
Sewer Gravity Mains 132 miles (+3 Tri-City)
Sewer Force Mains 6 miles
Sewer Outfalls 1 miles (Tri-City)
Sewer Manholes 3,293 (+82 Tri-City)
Sewer Cleanouts 493
Sewer Pump Stations 15
Sewer Treatment Plant 1 (Tri-City)