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Friday May 27th
Water Division
City of Oregon City

Program Objective:  To distribute and maintain Oregon City's potable water supply and to protect public health by closely monitoring the system and complying with all safe drinking water standards. Implement best management practices while performing operations to protect the surrounding environment.


System Details

  • 2009/10 Operations Budget = $5.3 Million
  • Class 3 Water Distribution System
  • 9,800 Service Connections
  • Clackamas River water source (see photo)
  • South Fork Water Board (SFWB) treatment plant


  • 18.25 million gallons of reservoir storage
  • 191 miles of pipe
  • Oregon City and West Linn partnership
  • Oregon City wheels water to Clackamas River Water District


Key Facilities

  • SFWB Clackamas River intake
  • SFWB treatment plant
  • Mountain View reservoirs and pump station
  • Boynton, Henrici, Barlow Crest reservoirs
  • Hunter pump Station

Key Programs

  • Clackamas River Water Provider programs
  • Water quality compliance
  • Backflow and cross-connection program
  • CIP - Mainline replacement and upgrades program
  • System flushing and valve, hydrant, reservoir, pump station maintenance programs
  • New development oversight
  • GBA asset management
  • Leak detection program
  • Emergency response

Facts & Figures

Water Customers 9,913
Water Mains 167 miles
19 miles (CRWD)
5 miles (South Fork)
Water Reservoirs 5
City Fire Hydrants 1,430
68 (CRWD)
Pressure Reducing Valves 23
Other Valves 5,223
277 (CRWD)
17 (South Fork)
Water Treatment Plant 1 (South Fork)