FEMA Floodplain Changes

The City of Oregon City uses the combination of the 1996 floodplain inundation line and FEMA's 100-year floodplain as the basis for determining flood hazard. This document is meant a resource for determining if your property will change floodplain designation with the new FEMA maps effective June 17, 2008.

Of the 280 tax lots presently affected by floodplain determination, 2 are in the current FEMA 100-year floodplain, and will not be in the 2008 floodplain. They are:

  • 2-2E-33A-02900
  • 2-2E-33A-03001

Of the tax lots not presently affected by floodplain determination, 14 will be in the 2008 FEMA 100-year floodplain. They are:

  • 2-1E-36DD-00300
  • 2-1E-36DD-00400
  • 2-1E-36DD-00500
  • 2-1E-36DD-00600
  • 2-1E-36DD-00700
  • 2-1E-36DD-00800
  • 2-1E-36DD-00900
  • 2-1E-36DD-01000
  • 2-1E-36DD-01200
  • 2-1E-36DD-01300
  • 2-1E-36DD-01400
  • 2-1E-36DD-07500
  • 2-2E-29DA-02201
  • 2-2E-29DB-00400

For more information and to view maps please visit the Flood Information page.

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