Parks & Recreation Master Plan Update


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Master Plan for Oregon City Community Services Department (PDF) Opens in new windowPurpose of this Plan

The Oregon City Parks and Recreation Master Plan Update is intended to help meet the needs of current and future residents by positioning Oregon City to build on the community's unique parks and recreation assets and identify new opportunities. The citizen-driven five-year Implementation Plan establishes a clear direction to guide city staff, advisory committees, and elected officials in their efforts to enhance the community's parks and recreation programs, services, and facilities.

Although the Community Services Department is also responsible for the library and the cemetery, the Master Plan Update specifically does not address this portion of department operations and is focused strictly on parks and recreation issues.

Mission Statement

The benefits of parks and recreation are necessary to develop healthy individuals and communities when the economy is strong and are even more important when we face economic and social challenges. The mission of parks and recreation was crafted from feedback obtained throughout the Master Plan Update. Oregon Recreation and Parks Association's (ORPA) mission describes the primary purpose or "business" of parks and recreation in Oregon.

  • Strengthen Community - Parks, recreation facilities, programs, and community events are key factors in strengthening community image and creating a sense of place.
  • Protect Natural Resources - By acquiring, managing, and restoring valuable resources such as open spaces such as rivers, streams, greenways, view sheds, forests, and other habitat areas, natural resources are protected and the habitat required for the survival of diverse species is preserved.
  • Foster Human Development - Parks and recreation services foster social, intellectual, physical, and emotional development.
  • Strengthen Safety and Security - Park and recreation professionals provide safe environments for recreation and design programs and services specifically to reduce criminal activity.
  • Support Economic Development - Recreation programs and facilities attract and retain businesses and residents, as well as attract tourists. Parks and recreation provide jobs and generate income for the community and for local businesses.
  • Preserve Cultural Resources - Parks and recreation professionals preserve our historical and cultural heritage for the enjoyment of citizens and future generations.

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