Downtown Public Restroom

The downtown public restroom has been an amenity that the City has been discussing for over a decade. Various discussions about location, funding, and type of system occurred through a partnership of the City of Oregon City, Downtown Oregon City Association (DOCA), local business owners, and citizens.

In 2022, the City received funds from the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) which was signed by the President of the United States March 11, 2021. The City Commission allocated those funds to several projects. $400,000 was allocated for a new downtown public restroom.

In Fall of 2022, the City Public Works Department and DOCA met to discuss possible types and locations of a new public restroom. Research was completed concerning feasibility of construction, access to use, location availability, and general desire for a unit.

After a survey of downtown businesses by DOCA and analysis by Public Works, it was determined a unit should be placed adjacent to the tunnel to the historic Oregon City Elevator along Railroad Avenue.  A number of units were considered from brick and mortar to self cleaning systems to the one that was chosen, the Portland Loo.

In January 2023, the City Commission approved the location and type of unit. In May 2023, the City Commission approved Ordinance 23-1002 which allows for enforcement of illegal behaviors within a public restroom. A security camera has been installed to monitor any illicit behavior similar to how the city monitors any damage to the elevator.

The Arts Commission chose artwork from Lucas Nickerson and Desarea Guyton for application to the front door and side panel of the unit.

The Hours of Operation are : Monday through Saturday 7:00am - 6:00pm, Sunday 10:00am-6:00pm

It will be closed on holidays or anytime the elevator is closed for maintenance.

Scheduled cleanings are anticipated from 12-1 and end of day. 

A number of businesses and departments helped make this project a reality :

- Oregon City - City Commission : Mayor Denyse McGriff, Commissioner Adam Marl, Commissioner Mike Mitchell, Commissioner Frank O'Donnell and Commissioner Rocky Smith

- Oregon City Arts Commission

- Downtown Oregon City Association (DOCA)

- Lucas Nickerson, Artist, Oregon City, OR

- Desarea Guyton, Artist, Happy Valley, OR

- Oregon City Public Works

- Oregon City Economic Development

- Madden Fabrication, Portland, OR 

- Wallis Engineering, Beavercreek, OR

- Icon Construction and Development, West Linn, OR

- Precision Images, Portland, OR 

- Blue Horizons, Hillsboro, OR

- Northwest Natural, Portland, OR 

The unit contains : one single use toilet, a baby changing table, a sharps container (intended for diabetic needs), a waste basket, hand sanitizer, and is handicap accessible. On the outside of the unit is a hand wash station with soap, water and an air dryer. A storage cabinet exists within the unit to store supplies, cleaning products, and a hose. The unit is not heated.

The unit will be cleaned 1-2 times daily and as needed. Please contact Public Works at 9712044600 if maintenance is needed!

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