Solid Waste & Recycling

Solid waste management in Oregon City includes the regulation of private haulers, setting service rates, and abiding by established Oregon City Municipal Code, 8.20 Solid Waste Collection and Disposal. The City partners with Metro and Clackamas County to provide waste management educational resources and meet regional goals. 

Metro oversees the region’s garbage and recycling system, a responsibility that includes ensuring that all solid waste generated in the region is managed in a manner that protects public health and safety and safeguards the environment. All solid waste generated inside Metro’s boundary must be taken to a Metro authorized facility – a “designated facility."  This applies to all waste collected or generated in the tri-county region. Metro has adopted the 2030 Regional Waste Plan, which is both a vision for greater Portland's garbage and recycling system and a blueprint for achieving that vision. 

Clackamas County provides education and technical assistance to residents, businesses and workplaces, schools, and events throughout Clackamas County so our community can reduce waste, conserve resources, recycle effectively, and adopt more sustainable practices. Check out the Clackamas County Recycle Guide for more information on how you can reduce, reuse, and then recycle to reduce the energy needed to make new products, reduce pollution, and create jobs.  

Oregon City is compliant with regional waste plans through different programs such as business food waste separation, recycling, Recycle+, and more.

Oregon City has an established Solid Waste Franchise with Oregon City Garbage Company. The Oregon City Commission sets the rates for these services, the current adopted rates are below.

Resolution No. 23-21 Solid Waste Rates

Resolution No. 23-05 Solid Waste Rates Recycle+