May 17, 2022 Election - Public Notices

  1. Numbering of Commission Positions

Notice of Ballot Title Referral by City Commission of the City of Oregon City

Oregon City Logo - LargeNotice is hereby given that the City Recorder of Oregon City has received a proposal from the City Commission of Oregon City to amend the City Charter to eliminate the numbering of commissioner positions. The City Recorder has determined that the proposal contains only one subject, as required by section 1(2)(d), Article IV of the Oregon Constitution.

Notice Is Further Given that the Oregon City Commission has submitted the following ballot title for the proposal:

Ballot Title

Caption: Charter Amendment: Eliminates Numbering of Positions on City Commission>

Question: Shall Charter be amended to eliminate numerical positions on Commission, so top vote-getters are elected to Commission regardless of position?

Summary: The measure, if approved, would replace Sections 7, 8 and 9a of the Oregon City Charter. The current charter designates each seat on the City Commission by number, so that prospective candidates must select in advance the specific position for which they intend to run. The new Charter provisions would eliminate the numbering of positions and, as a result, every two years, the two top vote-getters would be elected, regardless of position. The Commission President would be selected by Commission member name rather than Commission seat number. The measure would take effect with the 2022 general election and for every subsequent general election in even numbered years, the Commission would replace two members of the Commission with the two top vote-getters. If a Commissioner leaves office early, the election to fill the expired term would be held separately. A yes vote would amend the charter and allow electors to vote for up to two candidates from a single list of candidates for the two open Commission seats. A no vote would not change the Charter.

Notice is further given that any elector of Oregon City who believes the proposed measure contains more than one subject or who believes the ballot title is insufficient, not concise, or unfair may file a petition for judicial review under Oregon Revised Statute (ORS) 250.296 with the Clackamas County Circuit Court no later than 5 pm, February 14, 2022, which is seven business days after the ballot title was filed with the City Elections Officer. Notification must also be given to the City Elections Officer in accordance with ORS 250.296(2). The agenda packet containing the staff report that was approved by the City Commission is available on the City's website or by contacting the City Recorder at 503-496-1509.

Jakob Wiley,
Oregon City Recorder and Elections Officer

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