A-Frame Sign Renewal Application


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A-frame Sign in Right-of-WayA-Frame Signs in the Right-of-Way require annual renewal every January 1st. This web form is for a renewal of an existing A-frame Sign in the Right-of-Way permit.

If you do not have an existing permit, or if sign dimensions, material, or location have changed from a prior approval, please complete the New A-Frame Sign in Right of Way Application (PDF). Both the New Sign and Renewal Sign applications are attached below. Please refer to Oregon City Municipal Code Chapter 15.28 for approval criteria.

This permit is subject to the "Sign Permit: A-Frame within the Right-of-Way" fee, as seen on the Planning Fee Schedule page. Upon receipt of your electronic submittal, a planner will provide you with an invoice and make arrangements for payment.

A-Frame Sign Renewal Application

  1. Please email the Planning Division or call 503-722-3789 if you are unsure of the prior permit number. If this is your first time obtaining an A-frame in the Right-of-Way sign permit, you will need to fill out the A-frame in the Right-of-Way application form.

  2. Has the sign material changed from the prior approval?*
  3. Have the sign dimensions changed from the prior approval?*
  4. Has the location of the sign changed from the prior approval?*
  5. Will the A-frame sign continue to comply with display hours (daily 9 am to 10 pm)?
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