What kind of street treatments are available?
  • Crack sealing - Injection of hot tar or asphalt into cracks and paving seams.
  • Slurry Seal - Very thin layer of liquid asphalt and sand used to seal street surfaces (cost is typically less than $2 per square yard).
  • Micro Chip Seal - A thin layer of hot asphalt is applied to the street surface then small gravel is applied and leveled and compacted into place.
  • Overlay - A new layer of asphalt or concrete, which adds structural strength and seals the surface. Often grinding or inlays are needed to match pavement grades or remove severely distressed pavement (cost ranges from $6 to $16 per square yard, depending on the overlay thickness and preparation).
  • Reconstruction - The most expensive street treatment, reconstruction entails extensive street repair work that involves excavating the existing street and rebuilding gravel road base and surface layers (cost ranges from $35 to $55 per square yard depending on the pavement section and preparation).

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