What is the Natural Resource Overlay District?

Formerly known as the Water Resource Overlay District, the city recently adopted the new Natural Resource Overlay District. All development in the Water Quality Resource Area Overlay is subject to review by the City of Oregon City to ensure adequate protection of a nearby water feature (such as a stream or wetland). The Oregon City Municipal Code protects the water feature by enforcing a vegetated corridor consisting of native plantings along the bank of the stream to improve the water quality and function and discourage development within this corridor. All development, including the construction of buildings or other structures, mining, dredging, paving, filling, grading, or site clearing, and grubbing in amounts greater than ten cubic yards on any lot or excavation are required to be reviewed by the City for compliance with city development standards in Chapter 17.49 of the Oregon City Municipal Code. In addition, any other activity that results in the removal of more than 10% of the existing vegetation in the water quality resource area is also subject to review, though activities on impervious surfaces are exempt. For additional information please contact the Planning Division at 503-722-3789.

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