What is the difference between "Maintenance" and "Changes"?

Ordinary maintenance and minor repairs involving identical materials and designs do not require an application. Painting previously painted surfaces is a common example of what does not need approval. However, repairs that will use different materials, that would change the existing character of the building, or which are extensive enough to require a building permit, must be approved before work begins. If there is any doubt, owners should consult with the Historic Preservation staff by phone or in person.

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1. What is the difference between "Maintenance" and "Changes"?
2. Are there alterations which will not be approved?
3. What standards does the Historic Review Board use to evaluate the applications?
4. Are the economics of repairing my property considered?
5. Are there any tax benefits available for historic renovations?
6. I noticed that there are many types of inventory forms on the website and some have more information than others, why is that?
7. I think I have found an error on one of the forms, who do I contact to have it changed?
8. I have an historic photo of the house/street and would like to give it to the city to put online, who do I contact?
9. If it has an inventory form, does that mean it is historic? What makes a building “historic”?
10. What if I have additional questions that have not been answered?