If it has an inventory form, does that mean it is historic? What makes a building “historic”?

An inventory form can be created for any building. Oregon City currently has inventory forms for both historic and non-historic buildings. Historic designation is bestowed on a property that has applied for local designation through the Land Use process. Oregon City has over 500 properties locally designated! When properties are locally designated, the city has review authority for exterior alterations to the site. Interior alterations do not require a historic review.

If you are unsure as the whether your property is locally designated, contact the Planning Division at 503-722-3789 for confirmation.

Buildings listed on the National Register of Historic Places are usually locally designated as well. National Register designations are separately processed through the Oregon State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) and the National Park Service (NPS).

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9. If it has an inventory form, does that mean it is historic? What makes a building “historic”?
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