What are the regulations for developing in the floodplain?

Oregon City has floodplain regulations that apply to development within the Flood Management Overlay District. The Flood Management Overlay District regulations are in Chapter 17.42 of the Oregon City Municipal Code. The flood management overlay district is an o1923 Flood Roadverlay zone classification defining areas subject to periodic flooding or inundation which can result in property harm or loss, disruption of public services, hazards for public health, or added expense for public services.

Private land owners should contact the Building Division for floodplain permitting requirements and Planning Division for floodplain land use requirements.

Compliance with floodplain development regulations is reviewed through the land use review and building permitting process, with review responsibility by the Planning, Public Works Engineering and Building Divisions. The city's Floodplain Administrator is the City Building Official.

All conditions and restrictions of land use established by Chapter 17.42 are in addition to such restrictions and conditions as may be imposed and established in underlying zoning districts.

The City has adopted FEMA and 100-year floodplain maps. You can also view the floodplain layers on OCWebMap. OCWebMap shows the extent of the 1996 flood inundation, the FEMA 2008 100-Year floodplain, the FEMA 2008 500-year floodplain, the FEMA 2008 floodway, and the FEMA 2008 Base Flood Elevation.

If you have further questions about development in the Floodplain please contact the Planning and Building Divisions at (503) 722-3789 or ocplanning@orcity.org.

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