2017 Photo Contest

Entry Guidelines

Photos submitted must be taken of subjects and locations within the City of Oregon City. 


Theme Categories - ALL AGES:

  • Theme “This Place Matters” (all ages)
  • Theme “Future” (all ages)
  • Theme “History” (all ages)
  • Theme “Natural Wonders” (all ages)


Age Categories are based on the entrants' age on day of submission deadline May 21 2017, age-group entries do not need to be themed:

  • 15-17 (theme optional)
  • 12-14 (theme optional)
  • 11 and younger (theme optional)

Entrants may submit unlimited photo entries in eligible categories before the deadline.

All entries must be submitted by midnight on Sunday May 21, 2017.

Accepted photography:
  • Image files created by any camera or digital device.
  • Images which have been retouched by any means, including “apps”.
  • Color, Black and White, Monochrome, Sepia, etc.
  • File format of JPEG preferred; high, medium or low resolution photos are accepted, however winners will be asked to submit high resolution photos for display purposes.

All accepted entries will be posted to the website by category.  A panel of judges will have two weeks to select their top 5 choices in each category.  The City will tally the results and select the top 3 entries in each category and announce the winners on June 5th.

Winners will be notified and their work(s) displayed in the City and on the City Website.

Eligibility and Rules:

This contest is open to all professional and amateur photographers, regardless of photographer residence.

The contest is also open to City employees and their immediate family members, however, judges or the immediate family members of individuals on the judging panel are not permitted in the contest.

Photography entered in the contest must be original work which has not been previously or otherwise displayed or exhibited.  

Under no circumstances should photography be submitted by anyone other than the photographer, or the parent or legal guardian if the photographer is a minor.  No entrant may make a submission unless the entrant has all necessary rights to the photograph. 

The photographer is responsible for gaining consent of individuals, property, or businesses photographed for the contest, and any complaints or objections for a failure to obtain consent, are the sole responsibility of the entrant to resolve.

The City will not be held responsible for expenses or damages incurred as a result of entering the contest.

The City reserves in perpetuity the right to publish entries on the City Website(s), Social Media Accounts, and City publications and other promotional material including but not limited to flyers, brochures and posters. 

The City reserves the rights to publicly display, reproduce, and exhibit the entries with credit to the photographer without compensation. Under no circumstances will the City use any submissions for any commercial purposes.

Entrants will be responsible for the resolution and expense of any legal issues arising from their submissions, or due to a failure to follow these rules.

All entrants must accept the terms and conditions included in the entry form before submitting their entries.


How to enter: Submit entries here!