Records Online: Webdrawer

Oregon Records Management Solution

Online records are available through ORMS Webdrawer

The City of Oregon City is a member of Oregon Records Management Solution (ORMS)  allowing us to increase citizen access to public records.  You may search for frequently requested records such as Ordinances, Resolutions, Meeting Minutes, Agendas Packets, and other historical documents. 

For you convenience we have pre-set search parameters on these frequently requested records:

Within Webdrawer you will find additional fields to refine your search.  See HELP for advanced search and additional information on browsing, viewing and saving your search criteria.

You can also search within most documents after locating and downloading by keying "Control + F". 


First select the Jurisdiction "Oregon City, City of" to search in Oregon City records. 

Then pick how you would like to search:

-Searching by "Any Word" will search any word in either the Title field or the Notes field for a record.


-Document Content will search the entire document content. Expect a longer search time!

-Record Number (NOT RECOMMENDED)

-Title (free text part) This search is an exact match search of the Title field for a record. Not Recommended unless you have the exact title.

-Title Word will search any word in the Title field for a record- MOST RECOMMENDED!  Use the wildcard * to increase your search success.  For example, "Ord*" will return Ordinance, Ordinances, ORD, ordinary, order... etc.

The title format varies for Oregon City Records:

-Meeting minutes or agenda packets "YYYY-MM-DD Meeting Body Type" for example "2016-04-06 City Commission Minutes".

-Resolutions are named "Resolution YY-NN" for example "Resolution 15-05" will find the fifth Resolution from 2015.

-Ordinances are Named "Ordinance YY-NNNN" for example "Ordinance 15-1001".

Use this link to begin your search: Search Webdrawer

We are in the process of entering legacy records and continue to add records daily.  Public Records not available through Webdrawer can be requested through a public records request. Follow links to the City of Oregon City’s public records request page and on-line form located on our website HERE.