Economic Development


We hope this site will help you navigate any business or development questions you may have. Economic development covers a variety of topics, but the primary goal is to provide information that can help recruit and assist businesses that are interested in locating or expanding in Oregon City.

Businesses that provide well paying jobs are especially important in that they bring additional dollars to the community that can support the growth of other businesses, provide needed goods and services to the citizens of Oregon City, and can provide additional tax dollars to support city services and schools.

Currently, the department is coordinating development projects in the downtown area. In addition, marketing efforts are focused on turning vacant land lots into viable developments. If developed, these lots would provide jobs, services, and additional tax revenue to the City. 

Oregon's City has a tremendous array of affordable buildings and land in a range of sizes, for sale or lease. If you have questions about opportunities in the city, please contact Eric Underwood, Economic Development Manager.