Grant Programs

City of Oregon City

A healthy city must have a healthy downtown that is welcoming and appealing to pedestrians that come to shop, work and play. It is critical that the frontages and uses of buildings are oriented toward creating a comfortable and interesting pedestrian environment. That’s why Urban Renewal partners with local businesses to provide matching grants for their investment in storefront improvements and adaptive reuse or rehabilitation of buildings in the historic downtown areas of Oregon City.

By partnering with local businesses, Urban Renewal accelerates the growth of retail shopping downtown and enables the creation of new spaces to incubate the growth of small businesses within existing buildings. Since the storefront improvement program began in 2003, Urban Renewal has spurred $1.3 million in private investment through $735,000 in matching grant funding. Private spending accounts for 65% of total investment and for every $1 of public spending, $1.86 of private spending was stimulated.

The Oregon City Urban Renewal Agency is accepting applications for the Adaptive Reuse/Rehabilitation program until July 20. 

For specific grant information and applications, click on the link below. Prior to making application, an applicant must meet with the Eric Underwood, the Economic Development Manager, for a pre-application review. Contact Eric at 503-496-1552 or

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Adaptive Reuse/Rehabilitation Grant

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