Claims Against the City

City of Oregon City

Citizen Claims Against the City

If you believe that the City of Oregon City is responsible for personal injury or damage to your property, you will first need to file a claim in writing.

Once the City receives the written notification, the claim is submitted to the City's insurance company for investigation to determine liability. Below are the forms required to submit a claim to the City. Please use the appropriate form for your incident and include any estimates for repair and photographs (electronic preferred). E-mail, mail, or fax the completed documents to the addresses below.

Claim Form - General Damage

Claim Form - Sewer & Water Incidents

Claim Form - Auto / Vehicle Incident

Mail, e-mail, or fax claim / photos / repair estimates to:

City of Oregon City

Risk Management

P.O. Box 3040

Oregon City, OR 97045

Phone: 503-974-5510 | Fax: 503-496-1576 | E-mail:

State of Oregon's Insurance Division:
Get answers to why insurance is needed; how to file an insurance complaint; what to do if your claim is denied unfairly; and much, much more.  Click here for more information.


Internal Claim for Damages - For Employees Only

Internal claims are claims made by City employees for losses resulting from damage to or destruction of city-owned property. Employee complete's the incident report below, attached estimates for repair and photographs (electronic preferred), and submits documentation to the City Recorder's Office.

Internal Incident Report