Fees and Charges


There is no charge for a library card. Patrons outside the Library District must pay an annual fee of $95 to get a library card. This fee is waived for residents of Multnomah, Washington, Clark, Skamania, and Klickitat Counties as well as the City of Camas (Washington).


There is no grace period after the due date of an item. Items returned after the due date will be charged the daily rate for the item type:

  • Cultural Passes - $5.00 per day (up to replacement cost)
  • Kindles - $2.50 per day (up to replacement cost)
  • Children's printed materials - .25 per day (up to $3)
  • All other materials - .25 per day (up to $5)

All items which require invoicing or further notification will have additional charges reflecting the labor cost involved. Billing charges are $10 for each letter for patrons with $10 or more in lost materials. Collection agency charge is $25 (30 days after billing letter) or $75 or more in lost materials.


Patrons who find and return Oregon City materials that have already been paid for receive a refund, with 3 conditions:

  • Payment must have been $10 or more
  • Payment must have been made in last 6 months
  • Patrons may “pay” for lost or damaged items by providing an exact duplicate in ‘like new’ condition.  We deduct applicable overdue fees and charge a $2.00 service fee.


An established table of charges determines the cost to patrons for lost parts and damages to all library materials.


If the LINCC library system does not own the item we may be able to obtain it for you elsewhere via the interlibrary loan system. These are limited to 5 requests per week. Some items require a $5 to $20 payment, depending on the library lending the material.


  • Photocopies, per copy: B&W $.10, Color $.50
  • Printing, per page: B&W $.10, Color $.50