Microfilm Scanning System

City of Oregon City

Our digital microfilm scanning station is available!

The system components include e-ImageData’s ScanPro 3000 Microfilm Scanner, a computer equipped with MS Office 2013, a vertically mounted 24-inch monitor and internet access.

The Friends of the Oregon City Public Library generously contributed to the purchase.

The remarkably user-friendly ScanPro 3000 system scans 16 and 35mm microfilm, positive and negative microfiche and aperture cards. A 26 megapixel camera and 500 dpi optical resolution provide exceptional image quality. Image adjustments are readily made with a click of a button to straighten, crop, zoom in/out and correct brightness/contrast. Users may print, save and email images.

The microfilm, microfiche, and reader are located in the Carnegie Center near the service desk. If you have questions regarding specific publication dates please contact the Oregon City Public Library Reference Department at 503-657-8269 ext. 1017 or ocref@orcity.org.


Rev. 1/3/17