1016 Center Street - Mathias Justin, House

This 1-1/2 story house sits under a side gable roof atop a full height basement. A shed dormer projects out from the west side of the main gable, which features open eaves, knee brackets, and wide barge boards that are notched at the eaves. A recessed porch runs the full width of the west façade, where the eave is supported by a series of tapered square columns set on a solid balustrade. The balustrade and main floor of the house are clad with lap siding finished with cornerboards, with a full water table separating this siding from the plywood clad basement level. A string course beneath the second floor windows provides a transition to the shingled gable ends, and the shed dormer is also shingled. The windows are predominantly 6/1 double-hung wood sash with plain board surrounds and prominent hood moldings. The basement level features six-pane casement windows on the north façade. A long staircase with a new wood railing leads up to the main entry which is centered on the west façade. A brick chimney is centrally located in the house.

Statement of Significance: In 1876, Lot 6 of Block 50 was sold by Abel and Thomazine Andy to W. Carey and Josephine D. Johnson. The same year, Eloisa Harvey sold lots 2-5 to the Johnsons. In 1903, the Johnsons sold lots 5and6 to Joseph E. Hedges. Later that year, Hedges sold the property to J.L. Apperson. In 1914, Apperson sold part of lot 5 and lot 6 to Mathias Justin. It is not clear which owner is responsible for the construction of the house built c.1914. Matt Justin worked for Price Brothers as a salesman. In 1917, Mathias Justin sold part of lot 5 and part of lot 6 to Joseph M. Justin. Joseph M. Justin sold the property in 1920 to Bertle F. and Gertrude E. Hall. That same year, the Halls sold the property to Charles G. and Martha Lettenmaier. Gertrude Lettenmaier, widow, sold the house to Karl Lettenmaier in 1939. Lettenmaier sold the property to Mary W. Wunderlin, an employee of the Oregon City Hospital, in 1946. John and Dorothy Harder purchased the property from Wunderlin in 1950 and owned it until 1972. Raymond E., a spotter at Pantorium Cleaners, and Ina A. rented the house in 1953.