1119 7th Street - Martin and Mabel Christianson House

This 1-1/2 story house sits under a front gable roof facing 7th Street. A number of hipped one-story additions have been made over the years to the house. On the rear is an addition c.1920. To the west is an addition c.1930. An infill of the corner porch on the east side was made c.1930. The front porch has been rebuilt with a lap siding rail and 4"x4" posts. The gable roof of the main house features eave brackets, exposed rafter tails and a barge board. There is wood imbrication in the gable ends consisting of fish scale and square shingles. Windows are 1/1 wood doublehung with lamb's tongues on the main body of the house, with additions having the same without the lamb's tongues. The building sits on a board-formed concrete foundation with the west addition on concrete block. The house has had numerous additions over the years, however, most are over 50 years of age.


Statement of Significance: The first known residents of 1119 7th Street were Mr. and Mrs. Christianson. Mr. Christianson worked for the City.