120 Jefferson Street - James and Mary Dolan House

This vernacular 19th-century house of rectangular form sits above the street and features updated scrollwork on the gable end rakeboard, and fish-scale shingles. A small gable hood covers the entry door. A gabled wall dormer pierces the house on the south side. Corner boards and some window hoods are intact. The channel drop siding ends at a water table with cap. A basalt rubble retaining wall fronts the street at eye level. The windows are primarily 1/1 wood double-hung, but there are also 2/2 double-hung.

Statement of Significance: In 1865, James and Mary Dolan purchased several lots in this block and some years later, constructed their residence. Mr. Dolan was an Irish emigrant who worked in a local factory. Although some of the history of the house is unclear, by 1941 it was owned and occupied by William E. and Birdie Long. Mr. Long was the head machine tender at HP&P Company before retiring in the late 1950s. In the 1960s, the residence was occupied by Mrs. Violet T. Long, proprietor of Violet's Secretarial Service.