121 Jefferson Street - Busch Barn

This 1-1/2 story bungalow features drop siding, a small gabled addition in the front, and shed dormers off the front and back. The roof is a broken pitch gable design with eave brackets and barge board. A wrap-around porch with multi-glazed walls and a knee wall with truncated posts is a distinguishing feature. The basement has been remodeled into a probable apartment, with a sliding door entry and aluminum windows.

Statement of Significance: The house at 121 Jefferson Street is reputed to be the Busch family's barn and stable (the Sanborn map casts suspicion on this story). The family home was located across the street at 204 Jefferson Street. The building is reported to have been moved at an unknown date from an adjacent lot. The house was owned and occupied from 1925 through 1948 by Mrs. Louisa P. Johnson. In 1953, city directory records show it was occupied by Julia M. McLendon (the owner from 1948-1963) and Mrs. Louisa Johnson. From at least 1960 the house was occupied by Vern L. and Velma V. Buttolph, who bought the house in 1963. Mr. Buttolph worked for Publishers Paper Co. as a paper finisher and owned the house through the remainder of the historic period, selling the house in 1978.